Blue Angels

Ultimate Flights

On March 5th 1996 I had the honor of flying with the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels.  I have always been an aviation enthusiast and a fan of the Blue Angels since childhood.  I first saw The Blue Angels as a child when they flew the F/11 Tiger.  When you see the blue jets with the yellow wing tips and lettering shinning in the sun, you become an immediate fan. Through the years I’ve seen the Team fly the F/11 Tiger, F/4 Phantom, A/4 Skyhawkand finally the FA/18 Hornet.

The flight was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.  On take off we pulled 5,6 G’s without a “G” suit.  That means you weigh 5.6 times your normal body weight.  When you see and hear me grunt on take off and during the loops, I’m doing what’s called a “hook maneuver”.  During the 45-minute preflight briefing I was taught the “hook maneuver”.  The Blue Angeles don’t wear G suits so you don’t wear one.  To keep the blood from coming out of your head during the sustained G’s you tighten up your lower body and grunt.  If you don’t “hook”, the blood runs out of your head and you go to sleep.  I wanted to stay awake for the entire flight so when yogi said, “Are you ready to go vertical?  Here we go one, two, three.”  On two I started the “hook” like there was no tomorrow.